Word Of Power Trap
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Cost (Buy/Sell) --/750
Damage 200
Number of charges 3
Damages your Creatures? No
Workshop size needed 21 tiles
Time to craft 20000

The Word of Power trap is the last trap to be available for manufacture and is one of the most powerful. First available in Woodly Rhyme, the trap explodes with a Word of Power spell when a hero or enemy creature passes over it. This spell is very destructive and expands from the trap in all directions. The trap does not harm your creatures but only has three shots. To manufacture the Word of Power Trap, your Workshop must be made up of at least twenty-one squares.

The trap deals heavy damage to all enemies caught in the explosion radius, but can only be activated three times before the trap requires replacing. Due to this, it may be best to combine it with Lightning Traps, which contain more charges.

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