DK2 warcry

Full Starting map of "Warcry", the first campaign level of DK2

"Smilesville. Welcome, Keeper! Before you lies a happy and carefree realm. The local champion, Lord Antonius, holds the first Portal Gem you require. Learn how to construct a dungeon. Build up your forces so that you can crush Lord Antonius, and wipe the smile from his face."

"Warcry", located in Smilesville, is the first level of the Dungeon Keeper 2 campaign. This is where you learn the basics of the interface. The Mentor pretty much holds your hand through the entire thing.

Main ObjectiveEdit

  • Assault and kill Lord Antonius

Sub ObjectiveEdit

In this level, you can only build a Lair and a Hatchery, and you have no Keeper Spells. Nonetheless, it is virtually impossible to lose here unless you're trying to. Follow the Mentor's instructions as they appear.

There is only a small amount of enemies on this level - two Dwarves and one Lord of The Land. While you can attempt to do things as quick as possible, the enemies can only be reached once you obtain sufficient forces, which removes the indestructible wall that blocks your path.

Don't forget to mine the last Gold Seam before breaching Antonius's room, as there is an Increase Level special hidden behind it. By the time you get there, you should have six or seven Goblins, which at level 2 will make short work of him and leave his Portal gem lying on the ground for Horny to scoop up.

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