Hey everybody, just wanted to share what's going on at the moment.

Currently, the next plans for things to be filled in are the infoboxes for Creature Spells and Levels. I have created the infoboxes with most details to be filled in.

I have uploaded the relevant pictures as well. Creature Spells all have relevant icons for both Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 versions, and I have recently uploaded maps for the singleplayer levels of Dungeon Keeper and the Deeper Dungeons (any map of the form MMAP.....), along with their Keeper FX versions (any of the form Mmap.....). Any maps that are missing from the Keepr FX versions are identical to the original maps. I will eventually get around to uploading maps for multiplayer levels for Dungeon Keeper Gold/FX and the maps for DK2, and possibly unexplored versions of the maps as well to prevent spoilers.

The plan is to eventually have filled infoboxes for all Creature Spells and Levels with sufficient detail.

Details for each can be found at various resources given here, such as Dungeon Keeper Millennium, which gives information for stats of some Creature Spells and Levels. Another good source is inside the files for Dungeon Keeper FX, which gives details about how the Creature Spells work (although they may be changed, so this is worth comparing), and the original games as well (the .txt file for each map will give almost all the required details).

It doesn't matter if you can't fill everything in, any help at all is greatly appreciated. I will spend time working on it when I can, but for anyone who has the time or wants to contribute, this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks as always!

Tentacle-icon.gif Spatulade (talk) 14:35, March 21, 2014 (UTC)

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