Treasure Room
Dungeon Room
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Attracts Demon Spawn - 25 tiles (with Training Room),1 tile FX
Dragon - 25 tiles (with Lair
Mountain Dwarf - 1 tile (with Workshop) FX
Thief - 9 tiles (with Lair)FX
Health per Tile 100
Turns to Research 1000
Zoom-to Key T
The Treasure Room adds additional space for storing gold. It costs 50 gold per tile, and is usually available from the beginning of the level. As the efficiency of the room increases, the more gold it can hold on one tile, ranging from a small pile of gold, to a horde of coins, gems, ceremonial swords etc.

Make sure you build your Treasure Rooms close to Gold seams or Gem seams as otherwise your Imps will spend too much time wandering around with your wealth.

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