Traps are an important part of Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2, used to defend yourself as well as attack and fend off your enemies. Traps are created in the Workshop.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

In Dungeon Keeper, to create traps, you must build a Workshop and then place creatures in it (although some creatures will refuse). Creating traps works similarly to researching: there is a meter on the information pane which will increase as creatures work in the workshop, and once full will create a trap, which will appear as a rotating, sparkling crate. Once the trap is placed, an Imp will take the crate and set up the trap. An unset (or expired) trap will appear translucent.

The traps possible to create depend on the size of your Workshop. Traps are free to create and place, and can be sold for gold.

Traps in Dungeon Keeper:

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit


A corridor of traps and trap blueprints. Note also the list of available traps

In Dungeon Keeper 2, you may select which Trap you want to create, although only a small number of creatures will work in the Workshop. Traps in Dungeon Keeper 2 require gold to create.

As before, completed traps appear as crates and are dragged to location by Imps. Trap blueprints are now blue in colour, and traps themselves have health flowers. They require mana to keep working, if there is not enough mana, they cannot function.

Traps in Dungeon Keeper 2: