The Information Panel

At the top of the information panel there are two Icons indicating the Creature Tendencies.

These tell a creature what to do in the event of a battle. Both can be selected at once as they do not conflict with one another. The Creature tendancies are as follows;


This is only available if you have built a Prison.This tells creatures not to finish your enemies, but knock them out, allowing your Imps to drag them away to prison.



This tells the creatures to run away if they are too badly damaged.


Payday BarEdit

Below these icons is the payday bar. This bar increases gradually over time and, when it reaches its peak, all of your creatures receive their wages from your Treasure Room.

Pay day bar

Time barsEdit

The following two bars tell you how long it takes to research or build a new item. The length of time it takes depends on the size of your Research Room (The Library) or the Workshop. It also Depends on the number of creatures working on research or Manufacturing Traps.

Research Time barEdit

This indicates the length of time for research of a new room or spell to be completed by your minions.


Workshop Time BarEdit

This is the amount of time remaining before the building of a new object in the workshop is complete (Traps, Doors etc.)


Number of rooms and Number of CreaturesEdit

The Number of Rooms that each Keeper has in his or her Dungeon

And the number of creatures that the keeper has under his or her control

You can also click on the greyed-out image next to the number of creatures they have to ally with them in a multiplayer game.

Query Edit

Left-click on the Query button and your mouse pointer changes into a question mark. You can query your Creature to bring up the Creature information panel. This also follows the Creature on its activities until you right-click.


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