Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Faction Creatures
Attracted By Temple - 9 tiles, Lair - 9 tiles
Sacrifice Recipe 1 Troll, 1 Spider FX

or 1 Beetle, 1 Orc FX

Fighter Class Melee
Base Wage 45
Base Health 700
Spells Level 1 - Hand to Hand

Level 5 - Freeze

Likes Water
Hates --

The Tentacle is a Creature type in Dungeon Keeper.


An aquatic beast, the Tentacle only enters your Dungeon if there is water around. He hangs around the water and attacks enemies from there. Tentacles won’t usually be persuaded to move far from their watery homes.

-- Dungeon Keeper Manual

General Information Edit

Tentacles are attracted to dungeons that have sufficiently large temples and access to water. They are good fighters, and are very durable due to their high health points and defense; in addition, they are very cheap to train and maintain, making them excellent alternatives to more expensive meat shields such as Dragons. Unfortunately, they require a very large amount of time to regenerate lost health.

Tentacles are fond of water and patrol bodies of water if any are available. When their lair is near water, they make excellent guards for your unfortified areas of liquid. Although they are able to manufacture and research, they do not excel at either.

Like Warlocks and Dragons, Tentacles gain experience from sleeping next to a specific type of tile, in this case, Water.

It should be avoided that tentacles become angry as it is likely that they will then join the enemy.

If possessed the view is slightly misted.


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