Speed Monster
Speed Monster being used
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Description Speeds up the target creature.
Icon Speedmonster medium
Spell speech "Acceleratæ"

Soundicon Click to listen

Can be powered up Yes
Cost 100-900
Time active 15-55 seconds
Castable area Your creatures
Research time 5700

Speed Monster is an incredibly useful spell which doubles the speed or any creature it is cast upon. It can be cast on any friendly creature directly or through the Battle Information panel, and can be cast on tortured enemies to speed up their suffering.

This spell is one of the most useful and diverse spells available, as it can be used to speed up any task, such as researching, manufacturing, fighting, mining and even moving, sleeping and eating. Creatures under this effect are followed by afterimages and move at double speed. This spell wears off after some time, but some creatures learn their own version of the spell. Using this spell on enemies being tortured causes them to suffer twice and quickly, increasing conversion rate. Noting this, one should keep an eye on them as this also means they take damage twice as quickly. Alternatively, why not let the torture take its time and let them suffer?

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