Sight of Evil
Sight of Evil
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Description Allows you to see through the Fog of War
Icon Sightofevil medium Sightofevil2 icon medium
Spell speech "Oculus Diabolus" — DK1

Soundicon Click to listen

"Occulandius Evoros" — DK2

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Can be powered up Yes (DK1)
No (DK2)
Cost 50-130 gold (DK1)
5000 mana (DK2)
Time active Increases with potency (DK1)
Area of effect 3-5 tiles in diameter (DK1)
5 tile radius, 7 tile radius when upgraded (DK2)
Castable area Anywhere
Research time 3800 (DK1)

The Sight of Evil spell allows you to peer into your own dungeon and beyond.

It allows you to see in enemy dungeons or in places you have not discovered is useful when spying on enemies but they can see your red spots from you sight of evil,the sight of evil can also spot Hero bases and other parts in the map.

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