Secret 3
DK1 MAP00102
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Level Number 102
Discovered In Woodly Rhyme

This Level can be accessed by finding the Locate Hidden World Dungeon Special in Level 15 - Woodly Rhyme - of the single player campaign and the clicking on the banner with the question mark in the level select screen. The location of the special is described in the level description of Woodly Rhyme.


In this level your mission is to kill 48 Imps in 2200 turns (similar to Secret 2). Your available spells are Possession, Lightning Strike and Cave In. You start with 120,000 gold, along with several rooms including a Library, Scavenger Room and Treasure Room. There are no Gold Seams in this level.


To the northwest is an Iron Door which your imps can dig around. Before setting to work killing them, order the imps to dig out and secure the area beyond this door, obtaining a Transfer Creature Dungeon Special, four Increase Levels, and a level 3 Horned Reaper. The Increase Levels are best deployed after killing the Imps.

Fulfilling the map objective is pretty painless (well, not for the Imps). Secure them all behind a locked door. Cast a few maximum-strength Cave-Ins on them, or slap the Reaper around and turn him loose in there. Lightning Strikes will not affect them.

Either a Hellhound or the Horned Reaper can be transferred from this realm. Creatures can be transferred into the realm as well to make use of the level-ups. For instance, playing the realm twice in a row can generate a level 10 Horned Reaper for your campaign.

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