Secret 2
DK1 MAP00101
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Level Number 101
Discovered In Moonbrush Wood

This Level can be accessed by finding the Locate Hidden World Dungeon Special in Level 9 - Moonbrush Wood of the single player campaign and the clicking on the banner with the question mark in the level select screen. The location of the special is described in the level description of Moonbrush Wood. 


In this Level your mission is to kill 49 Imps that range from level 1 - 10 in 3300 Turns. You get the Possession Spell and the Lightning Strike spell. To the bottom of the map is a lot of Gold Seam, which you should dig out because you only start with 1200 Gold.

To the left of the map is where you want to kill all your Imps. You have to break down 2 doors, to have your Imps be attacked by 2 level 2 Imps, 1 level 10 Imp and 1 level 7 Imp. Once those Imps are dead you will want them to claim to the right so they run into 2 boulder traps where you can the Tougher Imps (level 10s). Going to the left is a waste of time as there is nothing over there. If you continue right and dig one up by the boulders you will find a level 7 Hero Hellhound.

Once you kill all 49 Imps, 10 more level 10 Imps appear, and you have to kill them. I suggest you put them in a locked room and slap them to death.

Once the Level 10 Imps are all dead you win a level 10 Vampire which you can transfer to the next realm. Even though the timer still counts down, when it hits 0 nothing happens.


Your Imps:

Level 1: 5

Level 2: 5

Level 3: 5

Level 4: 5

Level 5: 5

Level 6: 4

Level 7: 5

Level 8: 5

Level 9: 5

Level 10: 5

Starting Gold: 1200

Spells: Lightning Strike, Possession

Wandering Heroes: Hellhound level 7: 1


Level 2: 2

Level 10: 1

Level 7: 1


Note: This walkthrough was done with the KeeperFX Mod - for an vanilla walkthrough check out

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