Scavenger Room
A Scavenger Room- it seems to love eyes
Dungeon Room
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Attracts Hellhound - 9 tiles
Health per Tile 1000
Turns to Research 27500
Zoom-to Key S


The Scavenger Room is a very useful room but it can work against you. It lets you steal enemy minions and the more creatures you have in it depending on how fast a creature is stolen. Bear in mind your opponents often can and will try to do the same to you.

The Scavenger Room allows you to head-hunt enemy creatures and turn them to your side. It can also attract new creatures to your Dungeon. Drop a creature into the Scavenger Room and it dances around the center of the room casting its evil influence around the map. It targets the lowest level creatures of its type first before looking further afield for other creatures. The scavenged creatures increases the chance of another creature of the same type arriving from a Portal. Each creature in the room takes up one tile, but more creatures in the room, especially of the same type, greatly increase the chances of your side scavenging a new creature. When a creature switches sides and joins the ranks of your minions, it instantly becomes happy as it has a new master. Creatures held in the Prison cannot be scavenged, and placing one type of creature inside the Temple will immunize that creature and 2 others of its kind, e.g. if you own 6 Warlocks and one is being scavenged, placing 2 Warlocks inside the temple to pray will protect all of your Warlocks.

Scavenging creatures consumes a lot of gold, much more than training.

The scavenger room is a room filled with flailing eyes chanting "join us", "come with us", and "we will teach you".

  • ScavengerRoomVoices


  • High level creatures can scavenge low level creatures easily and in turn are hard to be scavenged themselves.
  • Imprisoned creatures and those praying in the Temple cannot be scavenged.
  • When a creature is scavenged, there is a sparkle of the scavenging team's colour where the creature was, and a scavenged team's coloured sparkle in the Scavenger room it is transported to. Unclaimed creatures on the map will appear with a white sparkle.
  • Good anti-scavenging tactics include shielding your creatures by placing them in the Temple or Prison, while using Sight of Evil (if available) to find their Scavenger Rooms and disrupt the creatures inside using spells such as Cave In or Lightning Strike.
  • If you are watching over a creature with the Query tool and they are Scavenged, you will still be following them and have information about them, but this does not allow you to see through the Fog of War.


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