Dk1 samurai huge
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Faction Heroes
Attracted By -- (DK1),
Training Room - 9 tiles, Barracks - 6 tiles, Torture Chamber - 1 tile, FX
Fighter Class Melee
Base Wage 195
Base Health 700
Spells Level 1 - Hand to Hand

Level 5 - Sight
Level 6 - Lightning
Level 7 - Speed
Level 9 - Freeze

Likes Fighting, Training
Hates Dark Mistresses, not training

The Samurai is a Hero unit in Dungeon Keeper.


"A master swordsman, the Samurai is fearless and swift in battle. The Samurai’s code of fighting, the Bushido, is strict and the sense of honour he has can hamper his performance when faced by hordes of evil, nihilistic creatures."
Dungeon Keeper Manual

The Samurai (also known as the Ninja) is a powerful unit that follows a code of honor called Bushido.

The Samurai is a very powerful hero warrior due to his strength, speed and skill. As well as being physically strong, he is very fast (especially when boosted with Speed) and is very good at avoiding melee attacks. He also commands skills which strengthen his ability to quickly cut down creatures. With their Speed and quick movement speed, they can cross large distances and are hard to catch up with, and the combination of Freeze and Lightning can cut down even your powerful creatures with ease. If a Keeper encounters a group of high-level Samurai, it is suggested to take them out strategically and carefully.

If one can convert a Samurai to their side, they will find them a great addition to their ranks. Samurai love to train and will do so when possible. However, if they are unable to train for whatever reason, they will start to become angry. Samurai follow a strict code of honour, causing them to have an intense hatred for Mistresses and their love for torture. The fights between them are violent and destructive, and as both sides are very valuable creatures, it is best to avoid these situations by keeping them apart.

Due to their power and irritable nature, one should aim to always keep Samurai happy. If they become unhappy is can be bad news for a Keeper, as the Samurai can go on a rampage and start attacking other creatures or even join the enemy. They are very powerful and useful creatures and are worth keeping around and happy as they can quickly turn the tide of any battle.


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