DK2 recruits

The full starting map of Pet Dungeon "Recruits" in DK2

"Recruits", located in Nasreem, is the fourth level in Dungeon Keeper 2's My Pet Dungeon series. The unique feature of this dungeon is that it contains no Portals at all; you must meet your objectives by recruiting the 24 neutral creatures located in the rooms encircling your Dungeon Heart.

Main ObjectiveEdit

  • Amass 25000 points

Sub ObjectivesEdit

  • Get 24 creatures for bonus points
  • Get 20 creatures to at least level four for bonus points

The only real challenge here is keeping the two Vampires alive long enough to meet your goals; irritatingly, they will not hesitate to walk through the water, which will damage and eventually kill them. Unless you find it easier to replace them with a couple of converted Heroes, keep an eye on them and heal them when you see them hurt. Alternatively, you can cover all the water in the relevant parts of your dungeon with Wooden Bridges. Beyond that, meeting the objectives of this level is a straightforward task, and the eight Mana Vaults and four gem seams make it a cakewalk.  Claiming the two Increase Level items located in the water at the extreme east and west ends of the map will allow you to satisfy the second sub-objective even more quickly.

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