After you have built a Temple or Unholy Temple, you can assign creatures to begin praying in it. The room does not need to have a sacrificial pool in it; in fact, you might find it advantageous to make it without one, to avoid having creatures fall in accidentally.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

Praying in a Temple will protect a creature from being scavenged, and will increase its Happiness. It can also be used to cure your creatures from being turned into a chicken and to help protect the spread of disease. This can be exceedingly useful, as it can quickly turn an angered horned reaper into a calmer state, saving it from rampaging through one's dungeon.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

Expensive as it is to build, an Unholy Temple can end up coming in very handy. Any kind of creature can pray in it, and not only does this keep them occupied and out of the Casino, but it also heals them and generates mana for you. The amount of mana generated per turn depends on the type of creature:

Creature Type Mana per turn
Bile Demon 50
Black Knight 90
Dark Angel 200
Dark Elf 60
Firefly 30
Goblin 40
Maiden 80
Mistress 110
Rogue 42
Salamander 60
Skeleton 30
Troll 55
Vampire 95
Warlock 85
Hero Type Mana per turn1
Dwarf 0 (will not pray)
Elven Archer 60
Fairy 90
Giant 60
Guard 70
Knight 90
Monk 105
Royal Guard 85
Thief 50
Wizard 120

1 Does not include doubling from being converted.

At level 4, creatures generate only 1/4 (rounded down) of the normal amount of mana. Formerly-neutral creatures and converted creatures generate double the normal amount.

Undead and PrayerEdit

Vampires have the advantage of praying automatically, if there is nothing to research and there is room for them at an Unholy Temple. They will pray even to the exclusion of training, which is handy as you do not want them to train up to level 4.

Despite their relatively low mana output, a horde of Skeletons can be a good source of mana if you can get them past level 4 (or put them in the Unholy Temple before they train up to level 4), because they will literally stay there and pray forever until you make them do something else. You can lock 24 of them in a 5x5 room, all filled with Unholy Temple except for the center square, and have a constant stream of 720 mana per turn.

Another nice thing about having the undead pray; if they are injured, praying will heal them. Since Skeletons do not sleep, this is a handy way to keep them at full health without having to use the Heal spell.

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