Possess Creature/Possession
Looking through an Imps eyes using Possess Creature
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Description Lets you enter into a creature's mind and control them.
Icon Possesscreature medium Possession icon medium
Spell speech "Cranium Internum" — DK1

Soundicon Click to listen

"Incradia Hositorus" — DK2

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Can be powered up No
Cost 0 gold (DK1)
500 mana to cast, mana drain varies with creature possessed, 350 when upgraded (DK2)
Castable area Your creatures
Research time 1 (DK1)
Keyboard shortcut Shift (DK1)

This spell is the most unusual of all and allows you to directly control a creature by seeing through its eyes. You can move it about the Dungeon, dig, fight, and explore for however long you want.--Dungeon Keeper Manual

Possession is a Keeper Spell in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

General InformationEdit

The possession spell will give complete access to a minion's mind so you can inhabit its body to explore your own dungeon and beyond. The minion gains a very substantial bonus to its attack and defense values.

While possessing a Minion, you can use the number keys to select a spell or weapon to (E.g. attack, fire, dig, etc...).

It is possible to possess all creatures under your control, as well as chickens. If you possess a chicken, you have no control over its actions, and the chances of you getting eaten are likely.

Possession controls are akin to a First-Person Shooter.

Special NotesEdit

  • You will literally see out of the possessed creature's eyes, with such notable examples being:
  • When you control a Imp, you can't take over a room like the Portal.
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