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Meteor hurtling towards an enemy
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Icon Meteor icon medium
Learnt by Warlock (lvl 4)

Dragon (lvl 7)
Fairy (lvl 9)
Wizard (lvl 10)

Damage 100
Area of effect Straight line

Meteor is a powerful Creature Spell in Dungeon Keeper which is capable of dealing large amounts of damage.

"More powerful that the fireball, this spell throws out a solid ball of fire which does a lot of damage to an enemy."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual

Meteor is a projectile spell and can be considered an upgraded version of the Fireball spell. When cast, it launches a large, flaming rock at high speed. This spell can deal decent damage on a direct hit and lesser damage with splash damage in a small area around the impact site, and is possible for a creature to hurt itself or friendly creatures slightly when using it.

Due to the extreme power of the spell, it has a habit of turning any creature killed by it into an unrecognizable bloody mess, making it impossible to imprison them or use their corpse for creating Vampires. This also applies to frozen creatures, who will shatter and explode.

A meteor can destroy a boulder trap.

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