Magic Door
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Cost (Buy/Sell) --/1500 (DK1)
6000/3000 (DK2)
Health 3000 (DK1)
12000 (High) (DK2)
Damages your Creatures? No
Workshop size needed 21 tiles (DK1)

The Magic Door is a high-end door featured in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2, slightly weaker than the Iron Door in terms of health, but offering unique bonuses.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

The Magic door is the final door available to a Keeper, first made available in Nevergrim. This door is almost immune to physical attacks, but is relatively weak against magical attacks, so it may be best to use both Magic and Iron doors together to fortify your dungeon.

This special door is almost impregnable to Hand to Hand attack, greatly reducing the damage taken and stopping even the mighty Horned Reaper in his tracks as his attacks prove ineffective. Magic Doors can only really be broken down by magical spells such as fireballs or lightning, which they are particularly vulnerable to. Due to this, Magic doors can be considered slightly weaker than an iron door, in that one can take fewer hits to destroy, despite technically having more health.

Magic doors take the longest time and the most Workshop space to manufacture, but do have a high sell value, making them useful when a Keeper is in a pinch. However, selling powerful doors is not recommended, as it can compromise one's Dungeon’s integrity.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

"This work of art is tougher than any other door your workers can manufacture. The magical sting in the tail is the fireballs that spit from its surface when it is under attack."

Magic Doors work differently in Dungeon Keeper 2 than they do in the original. While still keeping slightly less defensive capabilities than the tough Steel Door, it now has the ability to harass any attackers with fireballs, adding some defence to your dungeon. It is interesting to note that while Magic Doors have noticable more (1.5x as much) health as Steel Doors, they are still considered weaker due to their lower defence.

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