DK1 MAP00005
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Level Number 5
Preceded By Flowerhat
Followed By Snuggledell
Number of Other Keepers 1

Lushmeadow-on-Down is the 5th level in Dungeon Keeper.

This is the first realm with an enemy Keeper. Lushmeadow trains the player in the art of competing with rivals for gold seams, creatures, and territory. The goal of the match is to destroy the Blue Dungeon Heart. The Heroes have no presence in the level.

New toys introduced in Lushmeadow-on-Down include Sight of Evil, the Bile Demon, the Guard Post, a Prison and, technically, the ability to raise up Skeletons.


  • Portal Speed: 500 Turns
  • Creature Pool:
Spider-icon Spider     25
Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn 20
Troll-icon Troll 20
Fly-icon Fly 15
Beetle-icon Beetle 15
Warlock-icon Warlock 8
Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon 3
  • Neutral Assets
Portal - one for each Keeper
Prison - center of map, in river of Lava
Bile-demon-icon2   Spider-icon2   Spider-icon2   - inside Prison
  • Specials
Increase Level - central river of Lava, east end
Resurrect Creature - central river of Lava, west end

Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 25
Starting Gold 3000
Starting Forces 4 Imps
May Attract
Fly-icon Beetle-icon Spider-icon Demon-spawn-icon Warlock-icon Bile-demon-icon   Troll-icon
May Create or Summon
Imp-icon       Skeleton-icon      
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small Training Room Icon Small
Library Icon Small Bridge Icon Small Guard Post Icon Small Workshop Icon Small
Prison Icon Small      
Possession Icon Small CreateImp Icon Small SightofEvil Icon Small SpeedMonster Icon Small
  CallToArms Icon Small    
  Heal Icon Small    
Traps & Doors
  Trap Gas Small    
Door Wooden Small      
Blue Keeper
Creature Limit 25
Starting Gold 3000
Starting Forces 4 Imps
May Attract
Fly-icon Beetle-icon Spider-icon Demon-spawn-icon Warlock-icon      
May Create or Summon
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small Training Room Icon Small
Library Icon Small Bridge Icon Small    
Possession Icon Small CreateImp Icon Small SightofEvil Icon Small  
  CallToArms Icon Small    
  Heal Icon Small    
No Doors or Traps


A Prison lies in the middle of a fiery river running end-to-end through the map's equator. The Bile Demon and two Spiders there (all Level 2) will join the first Keeper to bring a creature within sight of them. The Prison itself can be claimed once a Bridge is laid to it.

If Red claims the Bile Demon, he gets access to the 3 extra ones in the Creature Pool. If Red claims the Prison, he gets the ability to construct additional Prisons, presumably in a more secure location if he chooses. If Blue claims these things, the same thing does not happen for him.

While mining along the river, one should make a point of grabbing the Dungeon Specials, which float in their own tiny Neutral Dungeons at either end of the map.

Red Versus BlueEdit

The first emotion felt by anyone entering this level is disappointment at the lack of Gem Seams, which were readily-available in the previous realm, Flowerhat. The distribution of Gold Seams for both Keepers, on their respective northern and southern halves of the map, is somewhat in Blue's favor but nothing to panic about.


Red can get access to better creatures and hardware. Blue's main asset is probably endurance. Because he doesn't have expensive creatures, rooms, or spells to throw (not even Speed Monster), he will be financially stable for a very long time.

There is a crunch on Warlocks on this map, with only 8 in the Pool between the two factions. Building a library early on is a tactic well worth it if Warlocks are in the player's desire. While the other creatures available in Lushmeadow have a Research skill of 1, compared to Warlock's more advanced capability of 4, the research tree is small enough that even the most meager of brains can fill it out.

Blue's location is made quite clear when that Keeper claims his nearby Portal. Remember: Portals that start out unclaimed (the flashing, seizure-inducing pattern on the overhead map) are uniquely visible to all Keepers and they remain so even after being captured.

After growing to the Creature Limit of 25, Blue usually issues a taunt over the intercom and attacks by laying down bridges across the Lava. Gather your forces with a Call to Arms, attack his dungeon, beat his creatures into submission, and destroy the enemy Dungeon Heart.


Briefing Text
"Another Keeper controls this underworld realm. His dungeon lies to the north. If you are to entice creatures to work for you instead of him, you will have to build a more magnificent dungeon. Get on with it then."
Player obtains a Bile Demon
"A Bile Demon chooses to side with you. Bile Demons demand large Lairs and ample Hatcheries. These corpulent monstrosities attack somewhat unconventionally."
Player obtains a Spider
"A Spider has joined your dungeon. They are natural enemies of Flies, so endeavour to keep them apart. Overcoming such obstacles will temper your mettle - whatever that means."
Player takes control of a Prison
"You have claimed a Prison. Select imprison from the Information Panel and your creatures subdue their foe, at which point your imps drag the bodies off to a cell. Prisoners who die of starvation may rise again as Skeleton warriors for you to command."
Player researches Sight of Evil
"Your loyal researchers have perfected the Sight of Evil spell. Cast it on an unexplored area and it will be revealed to you for a moment."
Player researches the Guard Post
"Your dedicated librarians have designed a Guard Post. Place a Guard Post in a strategically important area and assign creatures to occupy it by dropping them there."
Player defeats Blue Keeper
"You have slain your rival. His defeat is a testimony to your clever dungeon design. You have the makings of a Dungeon Keeper worthy of the name."

Sound BytesEdit

"Lushmeadow-on-Down. The bloody axes of war and famine have so far bypassed this quiet backwater, leaving the inhabitants totally unaware of the purpose of real agony and loss. Unbearably, most die of old age."
— The Mentor, Intro
"Knife. The streets run with the blood of the slain. Screams of pain and howls of anguish rip the night air like vengeful siren song. This really is somewhere you could take the kids for the weekend."


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