Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Lightningstrike medium Lightning icon medium dk2
Learnt by Skeleton (lvl 10)

Dark Mistress (lvl 6)
Fairy (lvl 4)
Priestess (lvl 7)
Samurai (lvl 6) (DK1)

Mistress (lvl 4)
Fairy (lvl 4) (DK2)

Damage 20 (but hits up to 10 times) (DK1)
Area of effect Medium

Not to be confused with the Lightning Strike Keeper Spell.

Lightning is a Creature Spell in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2. It is a very powerful spell which fires a bolt of lightning from the caster.

General Information (Dungeon Keeper)Edit

"This is a powerful magical weapon and casts a bolt of lighting from the creature."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual

Lightning is a ranged spell, at 4 tiles maximum. It travels instantly, making it impossible to dodge. Although the damage it deals is relatively light (20 or less), each strike can hit its target many times and the cooldown is very short, meaning that users can cast it in rapid succession. This, combined with the fact it is a beam-type spell instead of a projectile, makes it perfect for quickly taking out those equipped with Rebound, such as Fairies, Wizards and Ghosts, turning them from nuisances to ash in a short space of time.

Lightning only works at maximum effect against stationary targets. Moving targets won't sustain the spectacular, chain-burst discharge that makes this ability strong. The spell encourages tactics like drawing a battle line (where a fighter holds the enemy still while lightning-users pummel it from a safe distance) or running direct, caster-versus-caster duels (where whoever manages to throw more Lightning wins).

The Skeleton and Samurai attempt to close in for melee if there's room to do so. The Mistress, Fairy, and Priestess will attempt to stay at range and use this spell as their main attack, when they have it.

General Information (Dungeon Keeper 2)Edit

"Harness Nature’s own electrical energy and unleash a ferocious bolt of lightning with which to fry your opponents."
— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

In Dungeon Keeper 2, Lightning is only learnt by two creatures, who both have their own variants. These creatures are the Mistress and the Fairy.

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