Knight 2
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Faction Heroes
Attracted By -- (DK1)
Training Room - 36 tiles FX

Combat Pit (DK2)

Sacrifice Recipe A Black Knight and Turncoat Spell
Job Class Fighter
Fighter Class Melee (DK1)
Blocker (DK2)
Base Wage 540 (DK1)
750 (DK2)
Base Health 950
Spells Level 1 - Hand to Hand

Level 4 - Rebound
Level 7 - Heal
Level 10 - Word of Power (KeeperFX only)

Possession Skills N/A
Likes Guarding,Training
Hates Black Knight, Goblin, Troll
Enemy Counterpart Black Knight

Knights are Hero units encountered in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Description Edit

A traditional knight, excellent at hand-to-hand combat. He is the sworn enemy of the Horned Reaper and they both immediately fight to the death if they encounter one another in the dungeon’s subterranean passageways.

-- Dungeon Keeper Manual

General Information (Dungeon Keeper)Edit

Knights are strong melee fighter with good defence, although they are quite expensive considering their only above average capabilities. Knights refuse to scavenge, although they can conduct research and manufacture.

In Dungeon Keeper he is often the final enemy in many (but not all) levels and it is required to defeat him to be victorious. When his arrival is triggered the announcement "Beware, the Lord of the Land approaches" is played followed by a speech of him. In the first levels his stats are weakened to make it possible to defeat him with the basic creatures you have at this time.

If you can manage to capture him, a screen to torture him is shown after the level is finished. This happens even if you convert the Knight in your torture chamber.

In addition to obtaining Knights through the traditional means of conversion through torture, it is possible to obtain Knights by training Thieves past level 10. Unlike Demon Spawn, who can only become their more powerful cousins in the later stages of the campaign, Thieves can be promoted as soon as they can be obtained. It is not possible to convert a Knight by Steal Hero.

Although the manual mentions them as enemy of the Horned Reaper they get along without problems in a shared lair.

General Information (Dungeon Keeper 2)Edit

The Knight is a noble warrior with excellent sword skills and protected by a suit of heavy plate armour. They are not to be taken lightly.

The Knights are one of the most powerful heroes and are not easily taken down. Although slow and relatively bulky, they are strong enough to send more than one creature packing and they can strike fear into others. When converted, this can be turned to your advantage.

Knights usually In the early campaign escort the Lord of the Land and in later levels they lead other groups of heroes inside the dungeon or guarding alone in vital points of heroic strongholds. A group of Salamanders and Goblins raining quick blows upon one can weaken him quickly and using the Lightning spell to drop them to the floor reduces their fear effect and makes your creatures bolder and giving them the time to bring him down.

Knights take the longest to convert, but they are excellent replacements of the Black Knights which aren't available for a long time to come, however they are very grumbly and seem to hate working with portal creatures, especially their evil counterparts. They will become unhappy easily and will quickly rebel if left angry. It may be hard to keep them happy, but they're worthy and powerful minions that greatly help in tough battles.

They will get angry if forced to share lair with portal creatures, so a separate lair space is required for the former heroes. It's also recommended that you build separate guard rooms and training rooms, as they hate working with portal creatures in either of these rooms. If a Knight gets unhappy due of working with portal creatures, letting them to gamble in the casino will make them happy again.

When converted, a Knight trains in the training room if he's low level, or patrols in the nearest guard room like Guards. He's also useful in defending the dungeon from enemies and combined with guards and a warlock or wizard can make him very deadly.

Due of their high health, attack strength and being almost fearless, Knights should always be converted whenever possible, especially earlier on when you lack powerful creatures like Black Knights, Bile Demons and Dark Angels.

You can gain a Knight in Dungeon Keeper 2 by:

The Mentor's thoughtsEdit

"A Knight has turned to your cause. He will serve you well as a strong front line soldier."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)


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