Iron/Steel Door
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2,
Cost (Buy/Sell) --/750 (DK)
1500/750 (DK2)
Health 1500 (DK1)
8000 (Very High) (DK2)
Damages your Creatures? No
Workshop size needed 17 tiles (DK1)
Time to craft 26000 (DK1)
9000 (DK2)

The Iron Door (known as the Steel Door in Dungeon Keeper 2) is the strongest door in terms of defence in both Dungeon Keeper games.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

The Iron door is considered the best all-purpose door, and is first available to the player in Tickle. It has the highest natural defence and takes considerable time to destroy, but also requires considerable time and a relatively large Workshop to create. The Iron door’s decent amount of protection from damage make it one of the most suitable defences for nearly every situation, and usually allows enough time for a Keeper to gather their forces before it is destroyed.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

"A sturdy Door that will withstand prolonged attack, granting you enough time to assemble a basic defence."

Just as it is in Dungeon Keeper, the Steel Door is the strongest door your workers can manufacture. When possible, use Iron Doors to keep your dungeon fortified and protected from any would-be intruders.

Hero Steel DoorEdit

In certain Campaign, Multiplayer and Skirmish maps, there will be Hero fortifications guarded by their own steel doors. These doors look noticable different, being of a portcullis style instead of a thick steel.

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