Guard 2
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Faction Heroes
Attracted By Training Room
Sacrifice Recipe A Rogue, Dark Elf and Call to Arms Spell
Job Class Fighter
Fighter Class Blocker
Base Wage 600
Spells N/A
Possession Skills N/A
Likes Training, Guarding
Hates Mistress

The Guard is a Hero unit in Dungeon Keeper 2.


Just a regular schmoe with a spear. Like a rent-a-cop in many ways, except the Guard won't hesitate to gut you, and will have to fill out less paperwork for doing so.

Guards are fairly heavy armoured and has impressive attack power. Slow, but well armoured, they can help bulk out your defensive line in the early stages of Campaign mode. Unless heavily outnumbered their appearance might frighten Goblins and Warlocks, so make sure to bring in enough creatures to even the odds. For their good health, attack power and fear Guards should be always converted whenever is possible.

Once converted, a guard automatically patrols in the guard room or trains if there are none. They are also useful in fending off enemy creatures from the dungeon and in group they become deadly.

The Mentor's ThoughtsEdit

"A Guard has entered your ranks. This stalwart minion can hold off many enemies with his lance."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)


  • They are worthy soldiers and once converted settle in nicely, they only thing that upsets them is Mistresses so it's wise to keep them apart, preferably with the Guard(s) set up in a different lair, possibly along any other converted Heroes.
  • They have the same amount of health as a Dark Angel, which is less than Knights or Black Knights, but more than Mistresses. Its arguably much better to convert these than to let them rot into skeletons if you can afford the wage.


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