Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Faction Creatures
Attracted By Torture Chamber - 1 tile,
Temple - 4 tiles*

Creature is killed in the Torture Chamber

Sacrifice Recipe --
Fighter Class Melee
Base Wage 30
Base Health 200
Spells Level 1- Hand to Hand

Level 1- Rebound
Level 3- Invisibility
Level 6- Wind
Level 8- Drain

Possession Skills Flying
Immune to Gas, Gas Traps
Likes Researching, Praying
Hates --


A supernatural creature that, thankfully, requires no food. Ghosts can pass through doors and see creatures that are using the Conceal Creature spell. Their primary job is researching in the Library although they will also go to the Temple and wail occasionally.

-- Dungeon Keeper Manual

General Information Edit

The Ghost is a spirit that comes from a Torture Chamber victim. When the torture victim dies, the ghost will pop up at the same level of the victim. Ghosts have some magic abilities, however they are very weak creatures with low health that are easily defeated. Their natural ability to fly can make them useful as scouts when passing over lava, but they can´t pass through locked doors even if the manual states this. Ghosts don´t take damage when being slapped but it still lowers their happiness. If a ghost is killed it does not leave a corpse.

Ghosts enjoy spending time in the Temple. If you have many Ghosts, this can become problematic, as they will fill the Temple and make it inaccessible for other creatures.

Abilities Edit

  1. They start with the rebound spell, so they can rebound spells at any level. Use this against Wizards, Warlocks, Priestesses, Archers, and other spell casters.
  2. Ghosts are easily trained.
  3. Like the other undead creatures, the Skeleton and Vampire, Ghosts are immune to the effect of gas.
  4. Like the Vampire, they are able to see invisible creatures.

Trivia Edit

  • The high-res and low-res icons for the Ghost look entirely different.
  • There are conditions for inviting Ghosts into your Dungeon via a Portal, but Ghosts are never part of the Creature Pool in Dungeon Keeper.
  • When possessed the view is impaired by smoke
  • If a ghost is tortured to death a new ghost is created
  • Interestingly, when Ghosts gain Invisibility at Level 3, it is assigned to the '2' key and Rebound (a Level 1 spell) gets reassigned to the '3' key.


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