DK2 furnace

The full starting map of the Pet Dungeon "Furnace" in DK2

This page is about the My Pet Dungeon level.  For the Elite Salamander of the same name, see Elite Creatures.

"Furnace", located in Frimley, is the fifth level of the My Pet Dungeon series in Dungeon Keeper 2. It contains four Portals, two Gem Seams, and at least three magical items, as well as two neutral Skeletons.

Main ObjectiveEdit

  • Amass 30000 points

Sub ObjectivesEdit

  • Build 10 Doors of any type for bonus points
  • Build 10 Traps of any type for bonus points

This dungeon is mostly medium-sized islands surrounded by lava. Mercifully, you begin the level with the ability to build Stone Bridges. Your imps will immediately claim a Portal, so you will have to dig out some space right away and build a Lair and a Hatchery for the Goblins and Fireflies that will start coming in. Also dig out a large space on the island west of your Dungeon Heart to build a Workshop in when it bcomes available, but take care to leave some spaces where you will be able to put Doors. If you plan decently, keep digging and claiming land to the west, and make sure to leave yourself access to enough Gold Seams, you should be able to finish this dungeon before you are even able to build a Prison.

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