Fairy 3
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Faction Heroes
Attracted By Library - 9 tiles, Lair - 1 tile FX
Temple (DK2)
Sacrifice Recipe A Mistress, Firefly and Lightning Spell (DK2)
Job Class Scout (DK2)
Fighter Class Ranged (DK1) Flanker (DK2)
Base Wage 59 (DK1)
600 (DK2)
Base Health 150
Spells Level 1 - Hand to Hand

Level 3 - Drain
Level 4 - Lightning
Level 5 - Heal
Level 6 - Invisibility
Level 7 - Navigating Missile
Level 8 - Rebound
Level 9 - Meteor
Level 10 - Freeze(DK1)

Lv.4 - Fairy Lightning
Lv.8 - Cast Armor
Lv.10 - Wind (DK2)

Possession Skills Pray(DK2)
Immune to Gas (DK1)
Likes Researching (DK1)

Scouting (DK2)

Hates Dark Angel, Mistress, Vampire (DK2)

The Fairy is a Hero type in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Description (Dungeon Keeper)Edit

"A weak hero who is bad at combat but excellent at spells"
Dungeon Keeper Manual

Fairies are fast, flying long-range fighter with low armour. She may be easy to kill when cornered, but her arsenal of spells and her speed make her a dangerous enemy for any slow melee fighter. Like most skilled researchers she learns a heal spell.

She is immune to gas and Lava Traps are obviously no obstacle. To beat her, use other long-range fighters (Warlock, Mistress, etc.) or surround her with melee fighters. It's very recommended to catch and convert Fairies (but watch her low health!). Always use them together with melee fighters and make sure no enemy can come too close. Possessed, she is good for sniper-attacks towards enemy Imps. Boulders (and other traps) seem to hit her no matter how high she flies. Groups of Fairies are often above lava, so make sure you have trained long-range fighters (e.g. Warlocks above level 1) until you open your Dungeon towards lava.

Combat statistics Edit

Base Health: 150
Base Strength: 10
Defence: 10
Base Skill: 30
Base Dexterity: 70
Base Luck: 40

See Query for information on Health, Strength, Defence, Skill, Dexterity and Luck.


  • Will not manufacture.
  • The Fairy is immune to gas.

Description (Dungeon Keeper 2)Edit

Easy to kill... if you can catch them.

Swift and armed with a long-range lightning spell the fairy is not a recommended addition. She has little endurance and falls quickly in battle.

These ladies are a hybrid of attack and support with healing magic like pray and offensive magic like Fairy Lightning. Although she can fly, her presence in your Dungeon aggravates too many much better creatures. If you plan on having them, keep them to their own area. They are also good vampire food and generally rise into skeletons.

They can be kept happy as long as you have a separate lair for them. They do not have more health than a goblin, but are stronger than skeletons with their support spells. Good conversion if you can afford the wage, as they do not count towards your portal limit.

If you don't mind organizing your dungeon with the expectation of housing one, a single fairy shouldn't bother your other creatures too much. Put her bed next to the library and toss your warlocks in favour of your new fairy: you won't miss them. She'll only annoy other denizens if she goes to a rigged casino. Eating is brief and cheers up the other eaters near her, so it's no bother.

As to why you'd want to cater to one single unit like this: the fairy is superb as a Possession target. Normal unrestricted vision, flying, a ranged attack, and useful crowd-control/escape abilities make her a great one-woman army if your playstyle is based around possession rather than full military assault. The bonus to attack and defense from possession removes her usual weakness of being terrible in a fight. Take the time to train her in the pit, and then go assassinate everything. There's a reason you don't get access to her until right at the end of the game.

The Mentor's ThoughtsEdit

"The Fairy who converted to your side may seem frail, but do not underestimate her. Her range of spells and speed make her a vicious combatant."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)


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