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Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Level Number 1
Preceded By N/A
Followed By Cosyton
Number of Other Keepers 0
Creature Limit 7
Starting Forces 3 Imps (Level 1)
Starting Gold 2500
Rooms Available Treasure Room, Lair, Hatchery
Spells Available Create Imp, Possess Creature
Traps/Doors Available --
Secrets --

Eversmile, later redubbed Brana Hawk, is the first level of Dungeon Keeper.

"Set in the realm of joy, the people of Eversmile are plagued only by aching facial muscles and not anthrax as we had hoped. Eversmile is a disgusting land of good humour and polite frivolity."--Intro

"War and anthrax have taken to this land likes fleas to a rat. The region is, thanks to your unstinting efforts, now a major eyesore."--Outro

General InformationEdit

This level acts as a tutorial level for the player and introduces the basic themes and devices of Dungeon Keeper such as room building and using the Hand of Evil. The objective is to build a dungeon and kill the Lord of The Land.

The Treasury, Lair, and Hatchery rooms are introduced on this level. The Imp, Fly, and Beetle are first trained here. Tunnelers and a Knight are first encountered here.

Dk1iconDungeon Keeper
1.Eversmile / 2.Cosyton 3.Waterdream Warm / 4.Flowerhat / 5.Lushmeadow-on-Down / 6.Snuggledell / 7.Wishvale / 8.Tickle / 9.Moonbrush Wood / 10.Nevergrim / 11.Hearth / 12.Elves' Dance / 13.Buffy Oak / 14.Sleepiburgh / 15.Woodly Rhyme / 16.Tulipscent / 17.Mirthshire / 18.Blaise End / 19.Mistle / 20.Skybird Trill / S1.Secret 1 / S2.Secret 2 / S3.Secret 3 / S4.Secret 4 / S5.Secret 5 (Lost Level) / S6.Secret 6 (Full Moon Level)
Dk1iconThe Deeper Dungeons
1.Morkardar / 2.Korros Tor 3.Kari-Mar / 4.Belbata / 5.Caddis Fell / 6.Pladitz / 7.Abbadon / 8.Svatona / 9.Kanasko / 10.Netzcaro / 11.Batezek / 12.Benetzaron / 13.Daka-Gorn / 14.Dixaroc / 15.Belial
Dk1iconDK1 Multiplayer
Dk2iconDungeon Keeper 2
1.Warcry / 2.Enchantments 3.Greed / 4.Snipers / 5.Fear / 6a.Besieged / 6b.Rout / 7.Caverns / 8.Aftermath / 9.Ambush / 10.Smashing / 11a,b,c.Carnage / 12.Scavenge / 13.Conversion / 14.Reap / 15a.Storm / 15b.Crusade 16.Creep / 17.Angelic / 18.Brotherhood / 19.Interception / 20.Regicide / S1.Golf / S2.Duckshoot / S3.Maze / S4.Bowling / S5. Imp Invasion (Full Moon)
Dk2iconPet Dungeons
1.Liberty / 2.Discovery 3.Bottleneck / 4.Recruits / 5.Furnace / 6.Masterpiece / 7.Torment
Dk2iconDK2 Multiplayer


The script file references Thieves as being possible heroes to fight, but they are never added to any parties and do not appear on the map. This is changed in Dungeon Keeper FX.

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