Both Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 contain sneaky little easter eggs, whether they be hidden in the game's code, secret messages from developers of Bullfrog or unique voice lines.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

  • During a level, hold down the shift key, type "FECKOFF", and continue to hold shift. This will play a sound effect, and display a hidden message from Simon Carter, one of the developers and co-creator of Dungeon Keeper.
  • During a level, hold down the shift key and type "SKEKSIS". This will display a hidden message from one of the developers, and you will hear the Mentor utter "Your pants are definitely too tight."
  • Plug your printer in while playing - if you are at level 5 or above. you will receive an insulting fax from the in-game rival Keeper.
  • Start the game with the command line -alex, then while playing, hold down both shift keys and type "JLW". The sound of researching will play when each letter is pressed and a message will appear in the top left.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

The Mentor has a variety of hidden voice files which are played whenever certain criteria, such as specific dates or times, are fulfilled:

  • "Surely, even dungeon keepers must retire to a lair of some description?" - (When system clock is 1:00 AM.)
  • "Trick or treat, Keeper? *laughs*" - (At Hallowe'en, when system clock is either 6:06 AM or 12:00 AM.)
  • "You have an excess of Mistresses. There's a word for keepers like you." - (When you have at least ten Mistresses in your dungeon.)

For more hidden Mentor lines, see Mentor.

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