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About Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper is a series of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) PC games published between 1997 and 1999.

DK and DK2 are PC gaming classics on account of their twisted atmosphere. Raining on the tiresome parade of games about Heroes cleaning out Dungeons, herein the player is an evil overlord, literally a Dungeon Keeper, who must carve out his foul subterranean domain, load it with deathtraps, sternly manage his evil minions, and slay or torture adventuring Heroes, all with a businessman's eye for efficiency.

The dungeon architecture, narration, and unconventional gameplay were critically acclaimed for both titles. The player is able to do many vicious things to the Dungeon's creatures in his capacity as its overbearing, invisible tyrant, yet is unable to command them directly from place to place. Creatures mainly act according to their nature, and a full-fledged Dungeon operation can be a frenzy of activity— "Evil, malice, death, decay, Just another working day," goes one of the series' jeering slogans. Continue reading...

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  • ...that creatures will work 25 percent faster and take half wages while a member of their species is in the Torture Chamber?

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