DK2 discovery

The full starting map of Pet Dungeon "Discovery" in DK2

"Discovery", located in Vexus, is the second level of the My Pet Dungeon series in Dungeon Keeper 2. It contains two Portals at opposite ends of the map, an excessive SEVEN Gem Seams across the south side of the map, five Mana Vaults, and three magical items. There are also several neutral rooms scattered about the map (including an out-of-the-way Graveyard with three Vampires), waiting to be claimed.

Main ObjectiveEdit

  • Amass 15000 points

Sub ObjectivesEdit

  • House 15 happy creatures for bonus points
  • Build 10 rooms for bonus points

The goals of this dungeon are not very difficult to meet; as long as you keep creating imps as your mana supply allows, and tagging the rock and Gold Seams to be mined away, your imps will really do most of the work for you. All you need to do is build a decent-sized Lair and Hatchery on the first few islands, and maybe a Training Room. If you are lucky, your Fireflies will explore the middle of the map and claim the neutral Vampires for you, after which you can simply pick them up and drop them in your Lair. You should be able to reach 15000 points shortly after gaining the ability to build Wooden Bridges, which is actually kind of a shame because you probably won't have reached many of the goodies on the map yet.

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