Dark Elf
Dark Elf 2
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Faction Creatures
Attracted By Guard Room
Sacrifice Recipe 2 Skeletons
Job Class Fighter
Fighter Class Support
Base Wage 600
Spells Lv.1 - Arrow
Lv.4 - Knives
Lv.8 - Guided Bolt
Possession Skills Sniper Mode
Likes Patrolling/Guarding
Hates Elven Archer, Dwarf
Enemy Counterpart Elven Archer

The Dark Elf is a Creature in Dungeon Keeper 2.


Evolved from a race of Elves who shunned the overland world in favour of the dank dungeons, Dark Elves are intelligent and sophisticated warriors. Their long history of dwelling beneath ground has tuned their senses to impressive levels and higher level specimens are particularly adept with a crossbow at long range.

Since the Dark Elves rejected the Overworld, there has been a longstanding rivalry between Dark Elves and Elven Archers. Dark Elves also harbour an irrational resentment towards Dwarves and positively detest doing research or manufacturing.[1]

The Mentor's ThoughtsEdit

"Behold the Dark Elf. Her sniping skills as sharp as bolted arrows which she shoots. She serves you well in line behind your fighters, and excels in duty as a guard."
The Mentor, Campaign Mode
"A Dark Elf has entered your dungeon. She is a crackshot with her crossbow, and while weak on her own, a group of them will quickly whittle enemy numbers down."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode


  • Despite being noticeably female, Dark Elves sound quite masculine.
    • There are even one or two instances during the campaign where The Mentor will erroneously refer to the Dark Elves as a him.


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