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"A hideous sham of a town, in which the prosperous citizens have no gripes or moans. Sadly, even the children are happy and secure. This is because they aren't punished for non-existent crimes..."

"The surviving citizens have more on their plates than a Demon Spawn with three dead adventurers to munch. Not that many citizens have survived, as such."

DK1 MAP00002
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Level Number 2
Preceded By Eversmile
Followed By Waterdream Warm
Number of Other Keepers 0
Creature Limit 14
Starting Forces 4 Imps (Level 1)
Starting Gold 2500
Rooms Available Treasure Room, Lair, Hatchery, Training Room
Spells Available Create Imp, Possess Creature
Traps/Doors Available --
Secrets 3x3 Treasure Room

Cosyton, later Darkhana, is the second level of Dungeon Keeper, and introduces the player to the Training Room as well as the Demon Spawn.


To the north lays the portal, and gold seams in the east and west; in the southwest lies a small gold seam that leads to an unclaimed treasure room. The edge of the map is surrounded in water. In the far west lies a small cavern on the edge of the water, from which the first party of heroes arrive, and to the south lies a small hero dungeon in the center of which is a hero gate, from which the second party and lord of the land arrive.

Run through Edit

Start by digging out the gold seams to the east and west. Since you don't have a treasure room yet, your imps will just dump gold onto the dirt floor when they can't hold anymore; you can make things go a bit faster later by gathering up all these piles yourself, using the hand of evil. Once these seams are dug out, dig through the small southeastern gold seam and claim the treasure room on the other side. You can expand the treasure room if you wish, but be careful to only expand it to the north and west, because there is only one block of dirt between it and the water to the east and south. If you collected the loose gold yourself, you can just dump it onto the treasure room as you need more. Now that you have a treasure room, expand the eastern hole to at least 5x5 and place your lair here, then square up the western area and build a hatchery in it. Build a training room at least 4x4, somewhere close to the hatchery, and claim the portal when your imps have fortified everything else. When the heroes start to arrive, just let them tunnel harmlessly around the perimeter of your dungeon. When you feel ready for a fight, break a wall in your training room and wait for the heroes and fight them; as your imps begin to claim the tunneled ground, it won't be long before the heroes realize what has happened and head for the newly-formed opening. At this point, you can either pick up all your imps and watch as the heroes march head-long into a room full of hungry demon spawn, or you can pick up a group of demon spawn and drop them on top of the approaching heroes, once they have reached your claimed area. After a while, the second party will come from the south, and the same approach applies. When you defeat them, the Lord of the Land will appear, in the hopes of discovering why his short-statured companions haven't returned to polish his sword. Sit back and relax - it's only a matter of time before your well-trained demon spawn answer his questions.

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