DK2 bottleneck

The full starting map of Pet Dungeon "Bottleneck" in DK2

"Bottleneck", located in Djocasta, is the third level in Dungeon Keeper 2's My Pet Dungeon series, and of all the MPD levels, presents a rather unique challenge; a limited gold supply. There are no gem seams, and you do not have access to the Create Gold spell. The map contains two Portals and virtually nothing else of interest.

Main ObjectiveEdit

  • Amass 20000 points

Sub ObjectivesEdit

Even without access to infinite amounts of gold, the amount you can mine here is easily more than enough to make it to your goal, as long as you don't build any rooms that you don't have to, and don't claim the second Portal. A 4x4 Lair, a 4x4 Training Room, a 5x5 Hatchery, a 4x5 Library, and a 3x4 Combat Pit should be plenty. The Mentor suggests that you recycle gold with a rigged Casino, but even that is not really necessary.

It's mostly a matter of waiting for the ability to build a Combat Pit so that you can get a couple of creatures up to level 8. This is easy to do with a pair of Warlocks, as they hurt each other so slowly that they can go from level 4 to level 8 without needing to be healed more than once each.

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