Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Cost (Buy/Sell) 400/200
Health 3000 (Average)
Damages your Creatures? No
Time to craft 1500


"This hefty blockade prevents any land-based creatures (including your own) from passing, and may be placed anywhere in the dungeon. Flying creatures and projectile attacks can pass over the

Barricades and Sentry Traps used wisely to guard an open point


The Barricade is structure available in Dungeon Keeper 2. It works similarly to a door when locked, but can be placed on any blank tile you own, allowing you to block off traps and insecurities from your opponents, as well as stopping your own creatures from reaching certain areas. Note that flying creatures can pass over barricades, and creatures can cast spells over them.

Barricades are used well in conjunction with Sentry Traps due to their large range, allowing the sentries plentiful time to bombard your opponents before they can get close.

Traps and Doors
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