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Dungeon Keeper - Veteran Keeper beta

Dungeon Keeper - Veteran Keeper beta

It's good to be bad. So create your own evil!

What is ADIKTED?Edit

Adikted is a text based level editor for Dungeon Keeper and Keeper FX

It used basic script and key use to place Terrain, Rooms, Creatures. Basically anything you want in your Dream Dungeon. 

Create your own Realm, or even your own Campaign. 

How to use Edit

Once you have Downloaded ADIKTED, it's not a simple case of open the program and off we go. 

If using ADIKTED on the Classic Dungeon keeper/Dungeon Keeper Gold, You must place the program and its files in the KEEPER directory on your Hard Drive. 

If Using ADIKTED on Keeper fx, it's simply the same concept. Put the Program and files in Keeper FX's Application folder 

Editing MapsEdit

When using ADIKTED. To edit another map from Dungeon Keeper your must use "Ctrl+L" and type the maps number to load.

Each key on your keyboard represents a tile or terrain. Door or Trap.  For Example "#" = Impenetrable Rock

When Editing a map, for it to work, you must have the code that operates the events and stucture of your map, otherwise once it had been loaded you will have apparently conqoured the realm, and can't do anything about it. 

Please read the instructions that come with the program, ADIKTED can be download from the link provided